John Island – July 19

19 Jul

Today has been another scorcher! Check out this picture!

View from the bow of the boat - a little hazy!

We left at 11:00 this morning and headed over to John Island – there wasn’t even a breeze! We had plenty of company though and another herd of small annoying insects followed us over. They didn’t live very long, just long enough to make a mess all over the outside of the boat! Luckily though, Dennis cleaned everything off fairly quickly with buckets of water and a rag. I did find a really interesting bug sitting on the hatch. I am not sure what it is – none of my books have it listed. I hope it isn’t the last of its kind because it disappeared after I took its picture!

Cool bug we picked up on the way over to John Island












We went in through the back way this time and made a mistake interpreting the GPS – it looks like when you have the quarter mile scale on the GPS, it is not too accurate! Luckily, we were going very slowly and backed out before hitting anything. Also, these people driving by in their dinghy waved and pointed us in the right direction as well as calling us on Channel 16.

We did the usual – swimming, fishing, kayaking and crib. I have now lost almost every crib game except one – we’ve played almost every day. I need to play at 8:00 in the morning, not at 5:00, when I am hot and tired! Oh well, the summer is not over yet.

We are headed to Blind River tomorrow and hopefully will pick up the long awaited wind meter!

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One response to “John Island – July 19

  1. Louise Armitage

    August 4, 2011 at 10:18 am

    Groovy bug. I’ve printed off his picture and am going to look him up in my Bug Book at the cottage this weekend. I have an eery feeling that I’ve read about this fella before – highly toxic and a penchant for pink, so Dennis might want to refrain from wearing Old Pink until I can get back to you on this. I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH THE BUG!


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