June 15 – Killarney

16 Jun

Dennis left Parry Sound on Wednesday evening for a quick trip to Killarney. He stayed overnight at Killbear Park, somehow managed to get an invite onto the boat from Brazil and had a wonderful time. The next day, he headed out to Killarney at 5:00 am, hoping to sail the whole way. He only sailed for a couple of hours but spent most of his time killing bugs and cleaning. He said there was a variety of bugs – ankle biters (tiny houseflies) and nosee’ums. They followed the boat by the thousands and landed everywhere. I am really sorry to have missed all of that (I had to work – what a shame!). When he arrived at Covered Portage Cove at around 6:00 pm, he anchored safely and then rowed around in the anchorage looking for someone to talk to. (I guess the people from Brazil hadn’t arrived!). He then spent the evening and most of the next day cleaning and polishing the entire boat (because of the bugs). When I arrived, it was clean as a whistle!
I actually took a more common form of transportation – a car – to Killarney and arrived in two hours. Of course, I did see a bear crossing the road right in front of me.

Dennis met me at the Sportsmans Inn. We noticed that on George Island, there is a brand new building and apparently it is a spa.

In the evening, once we got back to Covered Portage Cove, we had a game of crib.(I am red)

It started to rain at about 8:30 but by 8:45 it had stopped and a rainbow came out.

It is supposed to be 30 degrees today and very sunny, so we will go hiking in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. We might go back to Killarney and meet Marlene and Kevin (they are coming by motorcycle). We’ll see – we might just hang out on the boat and relax.

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  1. Diane Henderson

    June 16, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    Well bears and bugs don’t sound good but swimming, hiking and relaxing do! The Sound of Music Festival is on here – lots of people and music. We watched the Snowbirds from afar – guess they were around for the Hamilton air show. We watch machines – you watch real wildlife!


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