June 17 – Haywood Island to Killarney

18 Jun

View from the cockpit at Haywood Island

This is the view from the cockpit from Haywood Island. Dennis removed the canvas at the back of the boat and it is really nice now – you get lots of light, a breeze and a good view. It was raining for a while and no rain came in (no more than usual), so I think we are going to keep the canvas off.

We had an uneventful trip from Haywood to Killarney. No boats to tow – hardly any boats to see, I guess because it is too early in the season. We docked at the fish and chip dock and got ourselves organized and then had our final fish and chips meal. It was delicious!

I drove home in the car and saw the bear on the way again. I wonder if he just hangs around the highway waiting for photo ops?

Dennis sailed off to Club Island. He got in at around 7:00 pm, so it was a long day for him. He had hoped to start early this morning and cross the lake to get home but he is fogged in, so he went back to sleep. I’m sure he is exhausted. I will have to watch him on the Spot to see what time I should pick him up at Big Sound Marina.

All in all, it was a good weekend. This was our last trip before we leave for the summer. We still have quite a bit of things to do before we head out but the boat is ready – just need a few more supplies!


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