July 3 – Lyal Island to Kincardine

03 Jul

Lyal Island Sunset

Here is a picture of the great sunset at Lyal Island – near Stokes Bay on Lake Huron. It was a good day yesterday – very warm and sunny and not too windy to make life miserable.

Today though, we got up and left early (6:00 am) because we knew we had a long way to go to Kincardine. The weather was iffy but things went well for most of the trip even though we had a headwind of about 20 knots. Of course we couldn’t sail – I am not even sure why we have sails! We could use the mast for a clothes line or something useful!

At 1:00, the securité warning came on the marine radio (channel 16) and said that there were squalls in southern Lake Huron with gusts of up to 45 knots. Yikes! Well, of course we had passed Port Elgin an hour ago, so we kept going so that we could make it into Kincardine. It turned out that the wind speed only (only!) went up to 36 and we weren’t heading right into it, so it wasn’t as bad as Friday when we went from Parry Sound to Wingfield Basin.

Bird on a wire

Hang on!

One funny thing happened though on the way. A bird decided to land on the wires of the boat for a twenty minute rest. Here are some shots of it, clinging on for dear life!

We are now safely secured at the marina in Kincardine and just heard the bagpiper play. According to the Kincardine website, “Once upon a time, a schooner in peril was guided into the harbour by the sound of a bagpipe echoing from shore. Today, a phantom piper plays on summer evenings, atop the Kincardine lighthouse.”
Here is a picture of the lighthouse.

Tomorrow, we are heading off to Goderich. The winds are supposed to be light!

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  1. diane

    July 5, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    That bird looks scared!


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