July 4, 5 – Goderich

05 Jul

Our trip from Kincardine to Goderich was very pleasant and uneventful. The weather was beautiful on the water. Once we got into Goderich though, it was very hot and we decided to actually use the AIR CONDITIONING. In order to get the cables to reach the electrical outlet, we had to turn the boat around in the slip. We did it by hand, with a few people watching and probably wondering what we were up to. It went fairly smoothly and we were able to use both electrical cords and now are sitting in beautiful cool air. Last night’s sleep was wonderfully cool and if we ever get another boat, I will insist on air conditioning. On our trip from Chicago to Mobile, Alabama, we did not have this luxury and it was unbearable along the rivers. Anyway, I have learned my lesson!

Goderich is billed as the “prettiest town in Canada” and it certainly is! The layout is perfect for someone like me (with no sense of direction) because everything centres around the town square so you cannot get lost – all the streets seem to keep leading back to the town square. The houses are beautiful, old and stately with large trees lining most of the streets. Now, last year in the summer, a tornado hit the main part of town and many buildings and trees were lost, so it is bare in some places. Apparently, the courthouse was beautiful with all the huge trees. This is what it looks like now, so it will take a long time before it looks like it used to.


Our view from the boat is not that great, unless you like being near the salt mine (which goes under Lake Huron for five kilometres). However, it is very quiet and peaceful here.


In order to see the town, you have to walk up the very long staircase (I guess it is part of the Niagara Escarpment). We did that after supper last night in the heat and looked pretty bedraggled by the time we staggered up to the top. Luckily, there were many different ice-cream places in the square.

This morning we drove our bikes around and once you actually get to the top of the hill, it is totally flat – perfect in this heat! We went for a tour of the Huron County Jail and it was well worth the price of admission ($5.00). Steven Truscott was held there during his trial. He was tried as an adult at age 14.
The jail is interesting but not a place that I would like to spend any time. The tour was excellent – we had these audio devices to make it interactive – just press a numbered code when you see something of interest and the audio guide tells you all about it.
As you can see, Old Pink made an appearance in the jail!


The following picture is of the entrance – very intimidating!

After the jail, we went grocery shopping and now we are hoping to go swimming at the beach. Tomorrow, we are heading for Bayfield for one night and then off to Sarnia.

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One response to “July 4, 5 – Goderich

  1. diane

    July 5, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Goderich is very pretty. We used to camp at Point Farms and it is very nice. They were hit by either a tornado or hurricane a few times I think. Big winds off that lake. I remember the jail – that poor kid – imagine being 14 and it there. “Old Pink” looks like he might fit right in!


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