August 13 – Montreal

13 Aug

Well, we are still in Montreal and have decided to stay one more day so we will be leaving Wednesday morning for Trois Rivieres. Montreal is a lot of fun – there is so much to do!

We started off by bike riding – Dennis rented a Bixi bike – that is the famous bike rental program that Montreal has. Here is their website.

We rode over to the site of Expo 67. I was there in 1967 but none of it looked familiar!

After bike riding, we took the metro up to the Jean Talon market. If you ever go to Montreal, you need to go there for the fruit and vegetables! What a great selection – everything was so fresh and they had all sorts of samples of fruit to try – nectarines, peaches, cantalope…
We bought supper for tonight and also bought some dark chocolate with blueberries. This was recommended by one the of workers at the marina – it was very good.

I had to include this picture today – I think that this would be the perfect occupation. You get lots of exercise and enjoy the company of dogs without having to be responsible for them all the time.


I also took some pictures of old Montreal last night. The first picture is of the Maisoneuve statue.

The second picture is of Cathedral Notre Dame. If you look closely at a speck of green, you will notice who it is!

That is all the news to report today. Tomorrow, we are going to bike to Mont Royal and also will look for authentic bagels.

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One response to “August 13 – Montreal

  1. Diane

    August 13, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    I think you were 6 when we went to Expo – maybe 7. You and I bought little horrible yellow and red rabbit skinned change purses – remember? We camped in a trailer park and we left Mike at home with the Goodyears in Levack.


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