August 12 – Montreal

12 Aug

Our second day of visiting Montreal has been excellent. We took the metro to the Atwater Market. Of course I figured I knew better and got us off at the wrong stop so we walked for quite a distance, actually passing the metro station that we were supposed to get off at. Oh well, we needed the exercise – we had to wear off yesterday’s poutine!

We wandered around and eventually bought some bread (excellent!), lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and sausage. We will have this for supper tonight. (We have had enough poutine!)

Our marina, Port d’Escale, is right downtown old Montreal, so all we have to do is get off the boat and walk up the ramp. Here are a couple of pictures. The first one is of a mime – he had a sign out and it said, “Coin Operated”. He stood on his little stage until someone dropped some money into the container. I gave him a toonie and he played a song with his accordion. It was fun to watch!


The next pictures are of old Montreal. Very pretty city!



This afternoon, I went biking. According to the Montreal cycling map, there are over 350 km of trails. I cycled down along the old canal. The path was paved and once I got out of the congested area of downtown, it was easy riding. Now, there were some cyclists who rode like they were in the Tour de France, but the majority of riders rode at a normal speed. Here is a link to the cycling paths.

If you want to rent a bike, there is the Bixi bike program running in the city. Dennis might do that tomorrow.


We are having a lot of fun here – I would definitely recommend Montreal as a stop for anyone!

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