August 1st and 2nd – Souris, Wood Islands Ferry Dock

02 Aug

Yesterday was probably the hottest day we’ve had so far this trip. It was 27 degrees and we did a lot of active things such as biking, walking, grocery shopping and going to the beach. We were very tired last night!
The biking is very nice here – paved shoulder for the main road and the side roads are not busy, so I would recommend the cycling on PEI. We biked to the beach (which took forever!) but it was felt great to cool off. The ride back to the boat was very hilly and I had a good laugh watching Dennis pedal like a madman on his little bike! I think he thought he was in the Tour du France!

We’ve decided to leave the boat here for the winter as it is considerably cheaper than Pictou and quite convenient to Charlottetown. Plus, everyone is very nice – Souris calls themselves the friendliest town on their billboard, so it must be true!

We had a tour of the Bruce Roberts 53 and had it been closer to being finished, I think we would have been negotiating a deal today! It even had a bathtub (not installed yet, but still).

Today, we are at the Wood Island Ferry dock ($10 to tie up). We are going over to Crabby’s Seafood for supper later.


I bought a new camera in the Magdalen Islands and it is really good. I got some excellent shots of the osprey nest and birds with it.



We are headed to Charlottetown tomorrow for the long weekend. We will stay there for three nights and then go over to Summerside and go under the Confederation Bridge. After that, we will start heading back to Souris. I have a plane ticket for Toronto on August 21st. Dennis will stay for an extra week to get the boat ready for winter.

Here’s one more shot of the Maritimes!



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2 responses to “August 1st and 2nd – Souris, Wood Islands Ferry Dock

  1. Wezie

    August 2, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Fabulous shots, Jane (particularly of the osprey). PEI is just so gosh-darned charming.
    Tell Lance that he might be best to train for the Tour du Britt. I understand that his French is not all that good.

  2. Anne

    August 3, 2013 at 8:34 am

    I do like your pictures . Looks like a laid back place


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