August 15th – Baddeck, Maskell’s Harbour – Visit with the gang from Alberta

16 Aug

My brother Mike and his family arrived on Thursday night. They have been travelling around Nova Scotia and PEI for the past couple of weeks and we met up with them in Baddeck. The weather did not really cooperate but we were determined to go for a sail and swim so on Friday morning, the whole gang (including Nadine’s father Marcel and her sister Mijanou) joined us.

They all piled into the boat and we had a good laugh because of all the stuff they had! I wondered how long they were planning to stay – several weeks? But Nadine said that it is best to be prepared and she was right as it was pretty cold, windy and rainy.

We were actually able to sail over to Markell’s Harbour and anchored there for the afternoon. Almost everyone went swimming (Marike and Nevé were the only sensible ones not to go as it was pretty cold). The girls tried their hand at fishing. They had no luck catching our lunch so it was a good thing that Nadine brought food along!

I learned a new card game with Marike and Nevé – Spit. It is a fast actioned game and both of the girls were easily able to beat me! I tried several times to beat Nevé but she in particular, seemed to have a knack for it. Very irritating to be beaten by 12 year olds… 🙂 I should have made them “walk the plank”.

We motored back and of course, we were headed into the wind so it wasn’t quite as much fun as sailing but nobody turned green. After a very tricky docking (with the wind going in all directions), Dennis managed to dock the boat and let everyone off.

It was a great day and hopefully everyone had fun! The only thing we forgot to do was to play the guitar and strumstick – since they were a “captive” audience, it would have been perfect! Here are a few pictures of the day.

Photo 57

Photo 58


We are slowly starting to head back to Prince Edward Island. The sun is shining so we will take a couple of days in the Bras d’Or Lakes and then head over to St. Peter’s, to Port Hawksebury and then Ballantyne’s Cove. Depending on the wind, we will then make a run for PEI and start thinking about coming home.


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One response to “August 15th – Baddeck, Maskell’s Harbour – Visit with the gang from Alberta

  1. Wezie

    August 16, 2014 at 11:59 am

    DON’T COME HOME!!! It’s so pretty there and so WET here.


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