August 16th – 18th – Little Harbour, St. Peter’s, Port Hawkesbury

18 Aug

There’s a really neat anchorage called Little Harbour in the Bras d’Or Lakes – there is a tiny little opening and then it opens up into a nice, safe place. It also happens to have the Cape Breton Smokehouse Restaurant and the cooking is German, so of course, Dennis wanted to try it. The Smokehouse is a beautiful log cabin and is run by two people who sailed their boat from Germany. They actually have their boat out in the harbour (here’s the link to it on Yacht World as it is for sale) and sailed it from Germany to Africa and then to the Caribbean and then finally to Cape Breton.

After supper, we went for a walk and saw a couple of beavers in the stream down from the restaurant. Here are some pictures:

Photo 64

The next day, we left the Bras d’Or Lakes and went through the St. Peter’s lock. We decided to tie up at the lock for the night. I went for a big bike ride and was not disappointed with the huge hills! Quite the workout (totally needed though).

Just before I got back to the boat, I thought I spotted Dale from Tranquillium. We met him in Rimouski last year and again in Souris this summer. I called his name but he didn’t respond and I thought that I must have been mistaken. But after supper, we went for a walk to the marina and there he was! He came over for tea and we compared notes on our adventures.

We kept our eye on the weather because Environment Canada had issued a wind warning and everything on the map was red. So, this morning, we debated as to whether we should leave or not. We discussed it with the guy on the boat that was also tied up in the lock and he said that there was no risk and that we should be bold. (Quote, unquote). He reminded us of the Bruce Willis of Quebec that we met last year. The Bruce Willis of Quebec had a super fast boat and always wore the coolest sailing outfits. He also only went where the wind took him so we met him in several different places as he criss-crossed the St. Lawrence. The guy we met in the canal, was quite like him but older. He has crossed the Atlantic five times and seemed considerably more adventurous than me!

Anyway, we decided to go and it worked out just fine. We tied up at the Port Hawkesbury Marina at 12:30 in the pouring rain but at least the wind had slowed down. We might get stuck here tomorrow, again because of the winds, but that is to be expected at this time of year.

No other news!

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